Project Benefits
  • Training shall be organized through short time courses in the areas of Pest and Disease Management, Crop Processing and Storage, Produce Management and Extension, Food Hygiene and Handling, Food Preparation and Sharing, and Food Marketing.
  • CEFTER ND Students with sound academic performance stand to benefit from the world bank scholarship scheme.
  • All research work and publications relevant to this project shall be sponsored by CEFTER
  • Staff intending to undertake M.Sc & Ph.D programmes in Post-harvest Science and Management shall be given Scholarship by World bank under CEFTER
  • The Project will help to advertise the College activities to the whole world through the AOCAY CEFTER website.
  • Provision of some laboratory equipment/materials and infrastructure to AOCAY.
  • Additional benefits to College Staff as many may be assigned lecturing duties or/and sponsored to Local and International Conferences