List of Partners on the BSU CEFTER Project
  • University of Agriculture, Makurdi (UAM)
  • Tshwane University of Technology(TUT), Pretoria, South Africa
  • Nigerian Stored Product Research Institute, Ilorin, Nigeria (NSPRI)
  • Benue State Agricultural and Rural Development Authority (BNARDA)
  • Akperan Orshi College of Agriculture, Yandev (AOCAY), Gboko, Nigeria
  • Teragro Commodities Limited, Makurdi
  • National Root Crops Research Institute (NCRI), Umudike, Nigeria
  • World Food Preservation Centre (WFPC), a development and research institute based at Shepherds Town, West Virginia, USA.
  • National Cereals Research Institute (NCRI), Bida, Nigeria
  • The University of Buea (UB), a public University based at Cameroun.
  • Seraph Nigeria Limited, an agro business industry based at Makurdi, Nigeria
  • Hule and Sons (H & S) an agro business company based at Annune Benue State, Nigeria.

List of Approved CEFTER Academic Programmes/Courses and Host Institutions:

1 Certificate courses: Food Hygiene, Food preparation and Sharing, Crop Processing and Storage, Crop Pest and Disease management, Produce Management and Extension.
Food Science, Safety and Health AOCAY
2 National Diploma Courses: Crop Pest and Disease Management, Crop Processing and Storage and Produce Management and Extension AOCAY
3 PGD: Analytical & Instrumental Chemistry, Consumer Science, Food and nutrition and Food Preservation BSU/UAM
4 M.Sc. Programmes: Food Science and Technology, Post-harvest Physiology of Crops, Post-harvest Management, Post-harvest Engineering and Technology, Biostatistics, Extension and Rural Sociology, Analytical Chemistry, Food Chemistry, Fish Processing and Preservation Technology, Food Physics, Food Packaging and Marketing, Food Processing Technology BSU/UAM
5 Ph.D Programmes: Food Science Tech., Extension and Rural Sociology, Food Chemistry, Fish Processing and Preservation Technology, Food Processing Technology, Food Packaging and Marketing, Postharvest Physiology BSU/UAM