Project SCope/Educational Research and Outreach Goals

Emphasis should be directed on the use of technologies already available or those that can be improved upon within the life span of the project. Special attention should be given to the following areas: Biotechnology, Agro Processing (Food Tech., Handling and Packaging), Solar Drying, and Chemical Preservation/Phyto-chemical Preservation, Transport, Storage, Socio-economic Programme and Food Analysis.

The Educational Research and Outreach Goals of CEFTER are as follows:

  • To develop a critical mass of well-trained students in control of post- harvest losses at short time courses (ND, Certificate), masters and PhD levels
  • To empower African Researchers to identify technologies that will reduce post-harvest losses
  • Development of Technology through applied research for reducing post harvest losses
  • Engage communities, farmers and industries in dissemination of technologies in post-harvest food losses